How Does CoolSculpting Eliminate Stubborn Fat Without Surgery?

Have you spent hours at the gym and planning healthy meals, only to still be frustrated with specific areas on your body? Is there really a nonsurgical fat reduction treatment that can help you achieve a slimmer, more fit-looking figure? The simple answer to that question is YES. CoolSculpting®, offered by the experts at Dermatology Southeast in Jacksonville, FL, is one of the hottest treatments in the aesthetic industry because it essentially freezes fat away. This innovative body contouring procedure uses cold energy to destroy targeted fat cells, and there is usually no downtime required. Although it is not a magic solution for weight loss, it is a fat reduction alternative for healthy individuals to get rid of targeted areas, or pouches, of fat and achieve a sleeker, more toned appearance.

How does CoolSculpting work?

Who wouldn't want a more sculpted body without having surgery? CoolSculpting is the first device cleared by the FDA that uses a controlled cooling technology (cryolipolysis) to freeze targeted fat cells, enabling many patients to forgo a surgical procedure. It is a safe and effective way to help reduce pockets of stubborn fat from many different areas. Once the fat cells have been crystallized and destroyed, the body begins to naturally absorb them. In the weeks that follow, patients in Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach, FL have a slimmer, smoother appearance. However, even though CoolSculpting requires no incisions or anesthesia, it is not meant to be a weight loss alternative. It is important that patients who are considering CoolSculpting have realistic expectations for this noninvasive body contouring procedure.

Is this nonsurgical fat reduction right for me?

Nonsurgical body contouring treatments can be a great option to reduce isolated pockets of fat resistant to diet and exercise. CoolSculpting can remove about 20 – 25% of unwanted fat cells with ideal candidates. It is not a weight loss solution for individuals that are overweight or obese. During a thorough consultation, the experienced experts at Dermatology Southeast will help determine if a patient should consider CoolSculpting. Ideal candidates for CoolSculpting are at or near their ideal body weight, are struggling with specific areas that have become unresponsive to healthy eating and exercise, and have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or less.

How to maximize results

After the last treatment, results of CoolSculpting become apparent in about 2 – 3 weeks. However, more dramatic body contouring results happen in about 3 – 4 months, after the eliminated fat cells are fully absorbed. While some individuals may only need one CoolSculpting session to get optimal results, most Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach, FL patients need more than one treatment. Repeated sessions of CoolSculpting (2 – 3) help maximize the results by allowing the cooling energy to go deeper into the layers of fatty tissue, providing more fat reduction. Many patients consider this a freeze sculpting treatment. To help maximize results, patients should:

  • Massage the targeted areas for at least five minutes in a circular movement immediately after a CoolSculpting session. This has proven beneficial and improved the percentage of fat reduction.
  • Increase water intake after each session in the weeks that follow. As the body naturally flushes out waste and toxins, patients should remain hydrated, allowing dead fat cells to be processed more efficiently.
  • Maintain ideal body weight to maximize their body contouring results. CoolSculpting is not a free pass to not exercise or have unhealthy eating habits. After treatment sessions, patients should be conscientious of their weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle to continue enjoying their new slimmer appearance.

Are you considering nonsurgical fat reduction?

Once the treated fat cells are targeted with CoolSculpting, those fat cells are gone for good. By eating healthy and regularly exercising, patients can maintain their stunning results from this nonsurgical body contouring treatment. The experts at Dermatology Southeast can help Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach, FL men and women get rid of those frustrating areas of unwanted fat.

Dermatology Southeast can help patients reach their dermatological and aesthetic goals at their state-of-the-art facility. The first step in reaching your goals and to finding out if you're a candidate for CoolSculpting is to schedule a one-on-one consultation. Contact our Jacksonville, FL office today to schedule an appointment.