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about Dermaplaning

If at-home skin-care products no longer give you the results you want and you want to avoid intensive spa treatments, then you may be a good candidate for dermaplaning. This is a simple but effective facial rejuvenation treatment that smoothens the surface of your skin by removing dead skin cells and peach-fuzz hair to achieve a radiant, youthful complexion. Also called dermablading, this procedure uses a careful scraping technique with a sterile, single-edge blade. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Mary Pentel is proud to offer dermaplaning skin treatments at Dermatology Southeast in Jacksonville, FL. Dermaplaning is very popular because it's a nonsurgical skin treatment that instantly provides smoother, younger-looking skin.

Candidates for dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is a safe and effective solution for all skin types. However, this procedure may not be recommended for patients with severe acne or active skin infections. Ideal candidates for this procedure:

  • Are searching for something other than chemical peels and microdermabrasion
  • Do not have rosacea
  • Have fine facial hair
  • Do not have highly sensitive skin
  • Have an uneven skin tone

Dermaplaning Treatment

We perform dermaplaning treatments at our office in Jacksonville, FL in one of our tranquil MedSpa rooms. After cleaning your skin, we'll begin your dermaplaning session by gently shaving your skin's surface with a single-edge blade. The technician will skim your skin repeatedly until the surface has been evenly treated. This treatment feels like shaving your face with a traditional handheld razor, which means there is no discomfort or downtime. The treatment time will vary depending on whether we're addressing a section or your entire face. Once your session is done, you'll be free to return to your usual routine.

after your appointment

After your dermaplaning session, your skin may appear slightly pink. This is normal and should improve in a few hours after your treatment. We do recommend that you avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight for the first few days following your treatment to avoid sunburn. In the interest of protecting your newly revealed skin, our team will recommend a personalized skin-care plan, which may include the daily application of a moisturizer with SPF. Patients can expect results soon after their session, as dermaplaning produces smoother, softer skin right away.

Get Smoother Skin Today

Dermatology Southeast provides top-notch aesthetic care to women and men in the Jacksonville, FL area. Using innovative techniques, our staff offers maximum results in a minimal fashion. Dermaplaning is an exciting cosmetic treatment proven to soften and smooth your skin and accentuate your natural beauty. For more information about dermaplaning or if you're ready to schedule your consultation with Dr. Pentel, call our office today.

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