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What is the ELLACOR® system with Micro-coring technology?

With drastic changes to our body, like significant weight gain or aging over time, the skin on our face can sag, droop, and be altogether too much skin for the area it's covering. While there are treatment options on the market, facelifts require surgery, lasers use heat that can be damaging to desired skin cells, and microneedling carries slight risks of scarring. An alternative to the more aggressive options on the market, the ELLACOR® is a revolutionary skin tightening technology that removes skin on a micro-scale with our Micro-Coring™ technology with less risk and injury to the face involved. For our Jacksonville, FL patients ages 22 and over, ELLACOR is FDA-cleared for nonsurgical skin tightening and works especially well on the lower facial areas, like the jaw, cheeks, chin, and neck lines. To find out more about our scar-free technology and how to get a customized nonsugical facelift with ELLACOR, call Dermatology Southeast today to set up your consultation.


How does ELLACOR work?

A standard nonsurgical facelift with ELLACOR at our Jacksonville, FL office lasts for about 30 minutes or less. You will relax in one of our aesthetic treatment rooms as one of our team members preps your skin for treatment. Throughout the treatment, the ELLACOR micro-coring device uses hollow needles to take out minute cores of unneeded skin. Most of our patients report minimal discomfort during the treatment, but we are happy to discuss anesthetic options if needed during your treatment at Dermatology Southeast. Standard treatment plans have at least 3 treatments spaced 30 days apart to begin seeing optimal results and loving your skin.

Get Lifted Today

At Dermatology Southeast, our ELLACOR system is a revolutionary new treatment option that stands out from its competitors. To find out more about this skin tightening technology, call our Jacksonville, FL office today. Our team will be excited to assist you and answer any questions your may have.

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