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What is Lesion Removal?

There are quite a few different types of lesions including skin tags, keratosis, age spots, moles, warts, and molluscum. Skin lesions can be raised to create a bump or can lie under the surface of the skin, causing a dark spot. While skin lesions are usually not dangerous, patients often choose to have them treated for personal reasons or to avoid potential health risks, like skin irritation or cancer. At Dermatology Southeast in Jacksonville, FL, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Mary Pentel performs lesion removal. A variety of removal methods can be used for lesion removal including excision, shaving, and laser surgery. During your consultation, Dr. Pentel will examine the lesion to decide which approach will work best for you.

Candidates for lesion removal

Lesion removal is a simple procedure and is ideal for people who have one or more moles, warts, age spots, skin tags, or keratoses. It may also be an option for those with molluscum. We can perform removal for cosmetic or practical reasons. Ideal candidates typically meet the following criteria:

  • Deal with constant skin irritation
  • Desire the removal of a skin lesion
  • Feel self-conscious about their skin
  • Worry their lesion could be cancerous
  • Have a skin lesion in an area that is not easy to conceal, such as the nose, chin, cheeks, or hands

lesion removal Techniques

We remove lesions on-site at our office in Jacksonville, FL in one of our minor procedure rooms. The technique chosen will be based on the location, size, and depth of the lesion. When removing lesions, we use a local anesthetic. Some lesions can be easily removed with a shaving technique or laser treatment, while others may require excision. We'll determine the removal method that best fits your situation during your consultation. Regardless of the chosen approach, Dr. Pentel will do her best to leave minimal scarring.

follow-up care

After your lesion removal, you can expect the treatment area to feel sore and tender. These symptoms usually fade within a week. Over-the-counter pain medication can ease mild discomfort. If you need sutures, you should avoid washing or rubbing the stitches and follow all post-treatment instructions given to you by Dr. Pentel. Usually, the area will scab and heal in 2 – 3 weeks if you properly follow these instructions.

Remove Skin Lesions

Lesions can cause embarrassment as well as irritation. Dermatology Southeast in Jacksonville, FL can improve the appearance of your skin with a fast and easy skin lesion removal process. Call our practice now to schedule a consultation with Dr. Pentel to learn more about skin lesion removal. At your consultation, Dr. Pentel will discuss all of your options to determine whether you're an ideal candidate for this process.

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