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About Cellfina™

Cellulite is a common condition seen mostly in adult women and has multiple causes, including genetics and hormones. This skin concern can significantly impact a woman’s self-confidence in her appearance. Fortunately, cellulite can now be successfully treated with a minimally-invasive treatment that targets the larger dimpling often seen on the buttocks and thighs.

Cellfina™ Technique & Benefits

Cellfina uses a technique known as subcision to release the fibrous bands and smooth away the dimpled appearance of the skin. Once the areas are appropriately numbed, the Cellfina system releases these bands and with them, the overlying skin – resulting in a smoothed out appearance.

Depending on the number of areas of concern, this can be a very quick treatment with most recovering in up to three days. Cellulite treatment results can be seen in a matter of days to weeks and have been shown to last for years.

The primary benefits of the Cellfina™ cellulite treatment include:

  • Lasts at least two years
  • FDA-cleared
  • Single in-office procedure
  • Significant and rapid improvement
  • Minimally invasive
  • Limited downtime
  • 94% patient satisfaction at one year

After Your Appointment

You should see positive results from your Cellfina treatment within about three days of your appointment. With just a single treatment, you should experience improvement that could last many years.

Recovery time after a Cellfina treatment is typically just a few days. You may see some bruising and swelling that last up to 2 weeks, but it should not be severe enough to keep you from your regular activities after the first few days.