Can Laser Skin Resurfacing Treat Hyperpigmented Ethnic Skin?

Is your skin suffering from signs of aging? Fine lines and creases can make you appear older than you are. Uneven pigmentation is another problem that could get worse over time. If you have ethnic skin, you may be wondering whether cosmetic treatments, like laser skin resurfacing, could help with hyperpigmentation.

So, what is hyperpigmentation, and how does this treatment work? When you visit Dermatology Southeast in Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach, FL, we can discuss the topic of ethnic skin hyperpigmentation. Our laser procedures are known for providing safe and successful results. Speak to a dermatologist specializing in skin of color today.

What is hyperpigmentation?

So, what is hyperpigmentation? Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition in which some patches of skin become darker in color due to excess melanin. Sun damage and acne scarring both lead to discoloration, in addition to natural aging and hormonal changes from pregnancy. Those with darker or ethnic skin tones may experience hyperpigmentation differently. At Dermatology Southeast, we understand that dark spots of all kinds can be frustrating or embarrassing. Rest assured, they can be treated with simple options.

Treating ethnic skin

Treating ethnic skin hyperpigmentation requires experience and special skill. This is because Hispanic-Americans, African-Americans, and Asian-Americans may respond differently to laser treatments than others. In the past, lasers could lead to problems, such as burning and discoloration. Now, new technologies have emerged that allow patients of every background to receive proper treatment.

During your initial consultation with Dermatology Southeast, you will have the opportunity to talk to a dermatologist specializing in skin of color. You can explain your problem areas and point out any areas of hyperpigmentation. We will make several suggestions based on your treatment goals. By the end of this appointment, we will have a comprehensive plan in place moving forward.

Preparing for laser skin resurfacing

We will determine if you are a candidate for laser skin resurfacing by asking questions about your personal health history. This will help ensure there is no unwanted damage to your ethnic skin. We may implement the following guidelines before beginning laser treatment in Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach, FL:

  • We ask that you arrive with clean skin free from excess lotions and creams

  • Avoid sun exposure and UV tanning beds for several weeks before treatment

  • Use a broad-spectrum sunblock with a high SPF several weeks before treatment

  • Do not use any skin care products that cause photosensitivity, such as retinol and benzoyl peroxide

  • If you are taking any new or different medications, contact our office prior to your appointment

  • If you have received any cosmetic injections, such as BOTOX® wrinkle relaxers, contact our office prior to your appointment

Contact a dermatologist specializing in skin of color

Sun exposure and aging can lead to problems, like ethnic skin hyperpigmentation. Removing these trouble spots can give your skin a youthful, more even complexion. Dermatology Southeast is proud to provide laser skin resurfacing for individuals with a range of skin tones. If you are currently considering your treatment options in Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach, FL, we invite you to contact our office. We can build a treatment plan to address your discoloration.