All About Laser Hair Removal For Skin of Color

Are you tired of constantly shaving and waxing to keep your skin looking great? Laser hair removal currently ranks as one of the top cosmetic procedures in the U.S. Once treatment is complete, patients no longer have to deal with unsightly or painful ingrown hairs, and razor burns. The professionals at Dermatology Southeast have plenty of experience using the latest and most advanced techniques for hair removal.

Some patients might wonder if laser hair treatment is right for them. Can laser hair removal darken your skin? And is it right for people with skin of color? At our clinic in Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach, FL, we use several state-of-the-art technologies to produce safe and effective results. This includes the GentleMax Pro® by Candela® and BBL™ by Sciton®. If you would like to learn more about ethnic laser treatment and laser hair removal for dark skin, contact us for a private consultation.

Can laser hair removal darken your skin?

Before we can understand the processes involved with laser hair removal, it is necessary to learn how it works. During this treatment, a concentrated beam of light is aimed directly at the unwanted hair. The pigment in the hair absorbs the light and heat as it travels down the root of the follicle. This causes the follicle to become damaged and unable to grow hair in the future.

When laser hair removal technology was first developed, technicians found that results worked best on light-skinned individuals with dark hair. This is because people with skin of color have more melanin, making them more susceptible to burns or discoloration in the process. Fortunately, new lasers give us the ability to treat all skin types regardless of color.

If you are frustrated with over-the-counter creams or other hair removal methods but are uncertain about laser treatment, we encourage you to speak with a member of our team. Dermatology Southeast can perform an assessment and make recommendations to make sure your skin is protected from harm.

Who should get laser hair removal?

Ideal candidates for ethnic laser treatment are adult men and women with unwanted hair in the arms, legs, back, chest, or bikini area. It is important to be in good overall health and have realistic expectations about the outcome. Results may vary between patients based on a number of factors, such as skin color. At your consultation, we can review your needs and concerns so we can make decisions about which technology is right for you. Women who might be pregnant may want to consult their doctor before laser hair removal. Patients taking acne medications should also speak with a dermatologist prior to the procedure.

Laser hair removal for dark skin

On the day of your ethnic laser treatment, you can relax in one of our comfortable procedure rooms. Our technicians will clean the target area to remove oil, dirt, and makeup, and then create a direct pathway between the chosen laser and the hair follicle. The laser beam will then kill the follicle, preventing the hair from returning again. The GentleMax Pro and BBL technologies both provide optimal precision without disrupting the surrounding tissue. Our facility in Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach, FL, usually recommends 3 – 5 treatments spaced 3 – 4 weeks apart to get ideal results. This allows the affected areas enough time to recover in between appointments.

After your laser appointment

Based on the size of the area and amount of hair involved, laser hair removal is a relatively fast procedure with little to no recovery time. But can laser hair removal darken your skin? The great news is that laser hair removal should not darken your skin as a result. While the process is relatively gentle, the treated skin may appear red and tender for a short time after your appointment. It is critical to avoid sun exposure or strenuous exercise for the rest of the day to avoid damaging or irritating the area. We can suggest certain anti-inflammatory creams or cold packs to relieve any discomfort.

Laser treatment for skin of color

Are you tired of spending time and energy on plucking or waxing? You can achieve clear skin by targeting the unwanted hair on your face and body. Keep in mind that not all cosmetic treatments work the same way for every patient. If you would like to discover how laser hair removal for dark skin works, we hope you reach out to the team at Dermatology Southeast in Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach, FL. Our new technologies have resulted in safe and effective hair removal for a wide range of skin types.